More death than romance… ⭐️ Book Review ⭐ Book Rating ⭐️⭐⭐️ This is Ashley Poston's first adult romance book. Her previous books were all YA romance and this one starts out with the same energy, but very quickly dives into middle-age depression. UGH …. I loved so much of this book, but a huge chunk made my eyes glaze over. I’m not down for dead parents in romances! Is this becoming a trend because I swear I’ve read it in at least 5 books. The book opens with Florence, a ghostwriter for a famous romance author. She is struggling to complete the fourth and final book of her contract because she can’t get over her breakup with her ex-boyfriend. Ok let’s pause her. She broke up with her ex a YEAR ago and she hasn’t written anything in that year because she believes “romance is dead.” Why wasn’t her editor all over her ass??? She meets her new hottie editor, Ben, who says, umm .. you need to turn your shit in like yesterday. She tries to get out of it while low key flirting. The two meet at an industry event the next day and start making out. Really?? Isn’t that some work conflict? Anywho, Florence gets a ring from her mom mid makeout saying her dad’s dead. Side note … Florence’s family runs a funeral home and her and her dad can see ghosts. This skill is never explained. THEN about 50% of the book is Florence going on a funeral scavenger hunt to accommodate her dead dad’s requests. Oh and Ben gets hit by a car and turns up in her town as a ghost. She believes it’s because he needs her to finish her book before he can move on. TIME OUT - If I’m dead I’m not going to hang around to make sure my work gets done! So sexy time with ghost boy isn’t happening so the two bond through moonlit graveyard strolls and rum and cokes. The romance piece is really well written and the two have cute banter. BUT I just couldn’t get past all the funeral shenanigans. If you don’t mind major family drama in your reads I recommend you giving this a go! #QOTD - Would you want to see ghosts?

Posted by Bettys Book Club at 2022-07-23 13:48:02 UTC