Part #4 of our chat with @JulietteHyland LUV: Which of your novels do you wish a producer would adapt onto the screen. Juliette: I love the idea behind my debut, Unlocking the Ex-Army Doc’s Heart. I was watching the television show, Fuller House, with my girls and they asked why Michelle wasn’t on the show. I went searching for the answer and found that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen did not enjoy their lives as child stars and both stopped acting once all the contractual commitments their parents arranged were done. I thought, what if instead of fashion they had gone into medicine? So Annie is a doctor in a remote Alaska outpost who ran away from the camera the second she turned eighteen. When winter help arrives in the form of Rafe, a regular host on a Dr. Oz type show, opposites attract. I think it could be a super cute movie.

Posted by LUV Team at 2022-07-15 19:00:52 UTC