Pitch for PUPPY LOVE: Welcome to Serenity, Michigan, home of Two Hearts Pet Sanctuary. The animal shelter is a haven for cats and dogs and a cast of quirky characters. It’s where two lost people find their way in PUPPY LOVE. This manuscript was a Romance Writers of America Golden Heart Finalist in #Contemporary Romance. Maggie Day, DVM, has been hired to run the new clinic at the sanctuary. Moving to Serenity is her way of escaping a noncommittal fiancée and unfulfilling job in Chicago. She’s making a fresh start to get personal and professional fulfillment. Maggie has always felt like a nerdy outsider and is hoping to fit in at a place dedicated to outcasts. She’s just about to lock up one stormy night when a rain-soaked, shirtless man barges in carrying a bundle. It’s the shelter director’s son, Trevor Hart. He rescued an injured Border collie mix on the side of the highway. Trevor was on his way home to Chicago when he found the dog. He left small town Serenity years ago for a career as a commercial real estate attorney. He likes his simple, uncluttered, private life in the city. His father’s sudden death brought him back to Serenity to help his mother. He decides to hang around to make sure the dog, now named Jenny, is okay. He thinks Dr. Maggie is very competent and rather cute, but tightly wound. Running the clinic is more than Maggie bargained for. Trevor is a gorgeous diversion. They agree to keep things light and fun. He doesn’t want any relationship drama either, since he’s only in Serenity a few days a week. His “real” life is in Chicago. Only the more time Trevor spends in Serenity, the more he catches himself starting to make a life there. Maggie deals with past hurt to open herself up to love again. Trevor surrenders his outdated vision of success to find happiness. He decides to move back and open his own private practice. But first, they have to adopt Jenny…and another dog and a cat. They wouldn’t have it any other way.

Posted by Kelly Farmer (she/her) at 2022-07-14 22:55:59 UTC