APPRECIATION POST: It is virtually impossible to express how phenomenally talented @kenda.hoggan key wardrobe at #brainpowerstudio is. Here I am stepping out of the trailer in one of her more fabulous selections designed for Hallmark’s Twinkle All the Way, starring Grey’s Anatomy’s Sarah Drew and LA Finest’s Ryan McPartlin directed by Brian Herzlinger. Every time I walk through a Kenda and @Jess Whyte fitting, I walk out ready for the world and yet, even still, after so many years, she somehow continues to impress and surprise me time and time again! Always on point with her choices for authentically honouring a character, with a keen eye for the actors taste, body uniqueness and comfort level for work, no one dresses me better! Thanks for all the love and joy over the years Kenda!! You know how much you make me smile! Here’s a virtual toast and thank you for it all!!

Posted by workitware at 2022-07-02 16:35:16 UTC