Part #2 of our chat with @Melonie LUV: If I am a new reader to you, what book or series should I start with? Melonie: I’d say it depends on what your preference is… all my books are going to deliver strong female friendships, lots of witty banter, and some steam. My first series, Sometimes in Love, takes several of my favorite historical romance tropes and brings them into modern times: from hot kilted highlanders to dashing dukes to ravishing rogues with hearts of gold. If you like your contemporary romance with a lot of spice, these are a great place to start, beginning with my award-winning debut, GETTING HOT WITH THE SCOT. If you enjoy lots of laughs and a story that is still open door but spends a little less time in the bedroom, my romantic comedy, TOO GOOD TO BE REAL, may be more your speed.

Posted by LUV Team at 2022-06-14 19:00:32 UTC