From good to great… ⭐️ Book Review ⭐ From Bad To Cursed Author: Lana Harper Book Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐ Lana Harper’s 2021 debut, Payback’s A Witch, was one of my favorite romances of 2021. She’s back with the second installment of her Witches of Thistle Grove series. The first book centered around a witchy love triangle between Emmy Harlow, Talia Avramov and Gareth Blackmoore. In From Bad To Cursed, we are treated to an enemies to lovers story that centers on Talia’s sister Isidora, and family rival, Rowan Thorn. The first book sets up the world, the history of the families and what magic each family possesses. You really need to read the first one to enjoy the second because they jump right into the world and storylines without any recap. This book is a romantic mystery and I’m here to solve the magical crime with a side of sex! At the Beltane festival, a Thorn is struck down by a spell that could’ve only been conducted by an Avramov. Isidora and Rowan are paired together to head up the investigative squad. Together they banter, bicker and bone their way through the case! Harper has brilliantly crafted a deep, rich world full of super hot and engaging characters. I’m not the biggest fantasy fan, so I appreciated that the lore didn’t overpower the romance. I’m not sure why the publisher chose to release this title now since it is the perfect October read to get you in the spooky spirit. #QOTD - What’s your favorite subgenre to pair with romance?

Posted by Bettys Book Club at 2022-06-09 13:13:09 UTC