Part #2 of our chat with @Elle Beauregard LUV: Which book of yours do you wish a producer would adapt onto the screen? Elle: The Cloaked Series. When I wrote The Cloaked Series books (The Cloak’s Shadow, The Medium’s Possession, and The Witch’s Complement) they felt more like movies that played in my head versus the other books I’ve written. Each book has always felt like a season of a series on HBO to me. The world is deeply rooted in our real, modern world; the characters are a little edgy, distinct, and relatable; each book’s story expands to include a new couple while keeping the other couples integral to the plot; speaking of plot, it builds over the series, even while coming to a satisfactory conclusion with each book. Finally, the series features two M/F and one F/F HEA. See? It’s just made for adaptation! 😆

Posted by LUV Team at 2022-06-07 19:00:11 UTC