This week LUV's spotlighting author @Elle Beauregard. Elle writes stories where magic is real, and women win. Some of her stories include girls who kiss girls—all of her stories end in a happily ever after. LUV: How would you describe your voice, style or brand to new readers? Elle: I make a promise with every story: a slightly angsty, more than slightly steamy happily ever after with at least a dash of the paranormal. Sometimes it’s Paranormal with a capital P, like a vampire series I’ll be launching later this year; other times it’s a quieter kind of paranormal, like my current WIP (work in progress) where the magic only exceeds the real world by degrees. Sometimes it’s ghosts and witches (The Cloaked Series), and other times it's Shifters and Vampires (The Shift Series), but it’s always something. In terms of voice, my biggest influence is J.R. Ward., so if you like dialog that’s snappy and character-forward, descriptions that are heavy on voice (even when that voice might bend grammar rules just a little), and prose sprinkled with profanity, come on over! We’ll be great friends. 😄

Posted by LUV Team at 2022-06-06 15:00:21 UTC