When you’re on a Brain Power Studio set, you are surrounded by love, the best talents, the best times and loads of pride in the work. From my very first role as Dr. Gonzalez in the #christmaswithaprince trilogy to my series regular role as Sally on #TheWeddingPlanners, life on set is always joyful, professional, uplifting, safe and FUN! When you spend upwards of 10+ hours on set each day, that last one is absolutely critical to equilibrium and balance of the soul! As I journey to delve into the 75th annual Festival De Cannes, I can’t wait to share what @mrsfilm @nancy and I and the entire team at Brain Power Studio have up our sleeves for you next! In honour of our 5+ year relationship and over 5 projects together, a few behind the scenes photos and stills to celebrate the good times! Have a great week everyone! Warmly, Lanette Ware-Bushfield - awwbproduction.org

Posted by workitware at 2022-05-15 15:54:39 UTC