Part #3 of our chat with Shannyn Schroeder LUV: If I am a new reader to you, what book or series should I start with? Shannyn: I have three interconnected series: The O’Leary Family, The O’Malley Family, and The Doyle Family. These are my Chicago Irish families who all live in the same neighborhood. Each family has a bunch kids (5-7) and each sibling has their own book. The first series that started it all is More Than This, which is perma-free on all retailers. In this book you meet the O’Learys. Book 4 in that series, Catch Your Breath, introduces the O’Malleys. The O’Malley Family series is being relaunched in the coming months and book 1, Under Your Skin, will also be perma-free. The last book in that series, From Your Heart, contains a scene where we meet Ronan Doyle and Chloe McCarthy, who are the main couple in my latest series, The Doyle Family. In Too Deep is book one and launches this week. In addition, some of the O’Malleys make an appearance in this book. That all being said, each book is a standalone, so it doesn’t matter where you start. ☺

Posted by LUV Team at 2022-04-27 15:00:35 UTC