📚: Psycho by Nikki J Summers Book Review ***Spoiler Warning*** I loved the introduction to this story where were given an insight to both Adam and the Soldiers of Anarchy with the beginning scene, it set the tone of the book and the type of life that Adam and the soldiers led. From the start you can tell quite easily if it’s the type of book you are into or not, I would recommend this book to anyone who liked the dark themed story, who were interested in reading the type of person that Adam is, who can read about someone stalking the leading lady and a psycho. As well as the introduction to Adam and the soldiers, I loved the introduction to Liv, the leading lady, I’m a goner for strong leading lady who can speak her mind and fight back. I was swooning for them both since they met. I couldn’t get over how Adam switched from the closed off man who was suddenly interested in a woman.💞 I thought that I would struggle with this story as I never tried to read a book like Psycho that involved stalking and mind games, but I continued to be hooked as Adam couldn’t get Liv out of his mind and they started texting, both playing games with that led to the same result with the other. I loved how that through stalking Liv and the games, we were seeing Adam’s walls breaking down and with that so were Liv’s and that led to the story being sexy and intense. Seeing both of them communicate with each other through text was a lot more intense than I already thought.🤤 One of my favourite characters in the book who deserves his own bit in my review. Tyson. I love how he went from Adam’s right-hand man to protecting Liv from Adam when they were in Adam’s room when Liv visited their home after she heard word that Adam stabbed someone and said that Liv was his. I couldn’t help but smile and love Tyson more than I ever have with the other scenes that he has been in. If there was a book about Tyson, I’d read it. 🐕 I’m a sucker for first kiss and first time scenes, and this book was no different. Both scenes were intense and left me wanting more of the scenes. I couldn’t get over how intense and gripping the scenes and feelings that poured from the words could be. That also goes with how Adam admitted to himself that he was in love with Liv, the way we felt his world changing completely and forever in that moment. When we read about Liv and Adam starting their relationship I swooned, both of them against the world, Liv’s family and friends not liking Adam and Adam’s family thinking he’s going soft because of Liv. Loved every moment.🥰 When you think all is going to be okay and the soldiers get the scum that they have been playing their game of consequence with for weeks. The torturing was a bit much for my taste, it made me squirm and need a breather, luckily I was reading it before my lunch break ended at work, so my break was doing my day jo and I haven’t been more grateful to a job more than during that scene. When I got back to it, I was ready to continue and finish reading, which I was able to do. The scene kept me on the edge of my seat and I was hooked once again with the story. When the tables were turned, my heart went out to Adam when Liv was taken, all the emotions, you could feel. It was beautifully written as always Nikki, felt everything the characters felt. The event that followed Liv’s captured made my heart bleed both Liv and Adam confessing their love while both of them was praying for the others safety over their own. All through the book you knew that these two were made for each other but this scene confirmed this. I thought I wouldn’t be able to continue when Adam was hurt, I panicked that, that was it but I plowed on and made myself continue reading as I never give up on a book unless I am really not enjoying it or I’m struggling. But everything worked out in the end and it was amazing executed as always. The ending surprised me, but it intrigued me all the same. I am glad it wasn’t as I predicted as it shows there are more ideas out there than the typical ending. I will not be spoiling the last chapter and the epilogue but Nikki and those who have read the book, know exactly what I’m talking about. The epilogue had my swooning and falling in love with Adam, I just wanted to pick him out of the book and take him home. 🙈 Soldiers of Anarchy follows Rebels of Scandland and if you’ve ended up picking up Psycho before the rebels series, do not worry it’s it own story. The soldiers are mentioned through the rebels series and they aren’t constantly mentioned in Psycho. I got in touch with Nikki to check before I went any further and was at the stage where I wouldn’t be able to put the book down.🤭 Psycho was better than I expected, I saw edits, reviews and TikToks on this book and thought it would be a bit too much but it was amazing. I cannot wait for Reaper to appear in my library but I need to see Rebels of Scandland first.😜

Posted by BethanyJaneBooks at 2022-03-30 21:45:56 UTC