Love is an Insta game… ⭐️ Book Review ⭐ How To Win The Bachelor Author: Chad Kultgen, Lizzy Pace Book Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️✨ Tonight’s the finale of the messiest season of The Bachelor! In How To Win The Bachelor, Kultgen and Pace painstakingly dissect this grand daddy romance series and analyze it as if it was a sanctioned major league sport. They have created eras, top players, pre and post seasons, playoffs and their own vocabulary for the game. I’ve always hated that the women jump and hug the Bachelor. I had no idea that it was called “Huju” (hug/jump) until this book. Kultgen and Pace believe that there are 12 different archetypes that the Bachelor producers look for in casting such as: the villain, the good girl, the fool, the foreigner and the free spirit. People are never really who they are in reality land, they need to be carefully edited into one of these boxes and packaged for the viewers. Now that the series has been on so long, all the players and the viewers understand the rules of the game like when to play your trauma card, when to let down “your walls,” and most importantly when to reveal your love levels. There are 4 levels: I really like you I think I could fall in love with you I’m falling in love with you I’m in love with you You can’t go from 1 to 4. You need to strategically drop these to advance each round of the game. If you make it to round 1 of playoffs, the hometowns, you need to make sure your mom says you are “glowing,” and that your dad gives his “blessing.” The back half of the book discusses post Bachelor fame and what players have achieved influencer status, with the #1 player being Hannah Brown. They also discussed racism in the series. Season 21 was the first to have a 30% POC cast and only 2 Black women have made the playoffs. If you’re a fan of the series this is a must read. #QOTD - What’s your fav reality series?

Posted by Bettys Book Club at 2022-03-15 19:02:41 UTC