Part 2 of our chat with @myles milne LUV: Can you walk us through the process from when you get handed a film to when you deliver it to post production? How long does the process take? MYLES MILNE: Every project has its own unique elements that require specific attention and detail. As soon as we receive a script, we begin to break it down, initializing the pre-production process. This is where we dissect the script and identify all the elements needed in order to visually convey the story within the budget. This pre-production stage is complete once we’ve cast all the characters, hired the crew, built the sets and have mapped out a production schedule. For us at Brain Power Studio, pre-production typically takes about 3 weeks. Next in the process is principle photography. This takes 3 weeks, where we capture/shoot all the scenes for the movie. The last stage is post-production. This is where the movie is edited together, music composed, VFX added, colour graded and more. This is the longest stage and typically takes at least 12 weeks to complete.

Posted by LUV Team at 2022-03-08 20:00:54 UTC