Building up credits on IMDb for our favourite genre 🤗🤗😁🙏👍👍 My most recent opportunity was a Big Supporting Role in “Home For a Royal Heart” as “Bess” (a “quirky” inn-keeper…. 😅😁….it’s like it was made for me 😁 Quirky✅ …. I can do that 😉😁 Inn-Keeper ✅ …. I’m an AirBnB SuperHost in real life 😁👍👍 The thing I’m most Grateful for… was being given the opportunity. I began acting at the age of 50 ~ without having ever studied acting (…. But Boy!… Have I Lived a Lot of Life!! 😜) I’m not sure when it will air…. But I’m hopeful that I’ll have the support of our “LUV Family” … and hope we will all create together after I prove my value with this one 😁 🤗🙏💖 ….and How about a “bump up” to “LEAD??!” I just turned 57 …. And would LOVE to see more “Over 55’s” in LEAD ROLES 🤗🤗😁🙏 Wouldn’t THAT Be Fresh and Fun?!! 😉😁 Xoxoxo Lizzie T.

Posted by showbizliztaylor at 2022-02-23 22:34:36 UTC