Nancy Yeaman: I read a lot of books in order to find one that works well for us. Once we’ve decided on a book, we need to find who’s holding the media rights and talk with the agent or lawyer representing them. Together, we work to settle the option agreement. Then, we like to start the script work with a detailed conversation with the screenwriter. This gets all of us focused on which elements of the book should be brought forward. There’s usually more material in a book than a 90 minute movie so we need to talk about getting the elements that are most important to us into the script. We talk about which character’s story we’re actually telling. We figure out how to translate the main character’s interior monologue into actual visuals and dialogue for our viewers. We found The Fallen Angels Book Club online from the author’s website, then read the books and fell in love with them. A book club that has only ex-cons for members is fascinating. When one of the members is killed in the same way as the victim in their most recent reading – we were hooked. The main character, Hollis Morgan, is interesting with a flawed past. There are strong supporting characters. As it was written by an African-American author, we felt strongly about bringing an African-American screenwriter and director on board to do the material justice. As we began the scriptwriting process, we introduced The Fallen Angels to broadcasters. It was a great fit for Lifetime and we continued development with them. It was a short 18 months from when we read the books to when our cameras started filming.

Posted by LUV Team at 2022-02-23 20:00:35 UTC