⭐️ Book Review ⭐ On A Night Like This Author: Lindsey Kelk Book Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ This book is marketed as a rom-com, but it’s really women’s fiction with a bit of romance. There is one kiss, that’s it, and it doesn’t come until the end so set your expectations accordingly. The cover makes it look like a YA Cinderella, which it’s not. It’s one of the most fun romps I’ve read in a long time. Our MC is Fran, a seasoned 30 year-old temp, who specializes in executive assistant work. She gets a posh posting to be an assistant to a celebrity for a week in Italy. Her dull-drum financé doesn’t want her to go. He has major dependency issues, and has taken advantage of Fran’s nurturing behavior. Fran says fuck it, and she takes off. Her job is to assist Juliette, a famous popstar, and her big task is to get her to her charity ball performance. She refuses to fly, so Fran has to meet her on a yacht and together they sail to Italy. At the ball, Fran meets Evan, who changes her perspective on what she wants out of life. The only problem is she’s still engaged .. Honestly, I could leave the romance, Evan is great and all, but the gold in this book is the chapters with Fran and Juliette. They are hilarious, touching and a series waiting to happen. Sometimes I find female relationships are just more interesting. I would love a series about a female friendship that wasn’t riddled with cancer or trauma, just two women living it up! If you’re having a day you should end it with A Night Like This. #QOTD - What was the last funny book you read?

Posted by Bettys Book Club at 2022-02-12 13:07:47 UTC