🤰🏻Josh and Gemma Make a Baby 🤰🏻 3.5/5 stars Thirty-two year old divorcée Gemma has a baby-shaped hole missing from her almost perfect life and she is determined to fill it. Not wanting a stranger to be the child’s birth father, she decides on asking her brother’s best friend, Josh, who happens to check off pretty much all the boxes she’d want in a donor. Surprisingly, Josh agrees to her strictly-business, unemotional agreement. As Josh and Gemma begin this journey together, they realize that there may be more than just platonic feelings between them. To make matters even more complicated, Gemma’s boss, Ian Fortune (a famous self-help guru who is known for his inspirational quotes and for being extremely handsome) takes a romantic interest in Gemma. Cue the drama! If Bridget Jones had a baby with Pride and Prejudice and The Backup Plan, this book would be it. JAGMAB reads like the quintessential rom-com with the banter, cuteness, drama, smiles and heartbreak. It was easy to see the book play out in my mind as I read it, picturing Renee Zellweger as Gemma and Hugh Grant as Ian Fortune (if you’ve seen Bridget Jones, you’ll know why). Writing a rom-com book is tough because there is a sense of predictability that is difficult to evade. This book is predictable, however, I absolutely did not mind it and still found it enjoyable. Gemma’s character is flawed, which can be irritating at times and hilarious at others. Her infatuation with lime jelly salad, I will never understand and do not wish to. There were also some scenes in the book that I could see playing out well in a movie but they didn’t translate well in the book. If I hear the term “Boy Toy” one more time, my brain may explode. Josh and Gemma Make a Baby is a light, cute and sometimes saucy romance book that makes it a perfect palette cleanser for all you rom-com lovers out there! This one comes out on Jan 25, 2022! 🎉 - Marissa

Posted by thelatestbook at 2022-01-19 14:31:00 UTC