A little late to the party on my top picks of 2021. Well for two days we had no power in some spots in the DC area due to a snowstorm that dumped a foot or more. Trying to conserve battery power was fun but at least the local Starbucks had power and besides getting a delicious White Chocolate Mocha, I could charge my phone. Top 10 (in no particular order): See No Evil by Ivy Fox The Honey Trap by Tate James Surrendering Hope by Adaline Winters Wrath of Rage by RE Bond Ruining Her by Kylie Kent Reborn by Jaymin Eve Merciless by Crystal Ash Chasing Her Fire by Claire Kingsley Saxon’s Distortion by CA Rene Carnal Urges by JT Geissinger Honorable Mentions: Gunner by Mackenzy Fox Carnival Hill by Caroline Peckham & Susanne Valenti And I Love You the Most by Willow Winters Forsaken by EM Moore Restless Things by Samantha Lovelock Not an easy task to narrow down favorites considering I read over 300 books last year. So what were some of yours?

Posted by theoutgoingbookworm at 2022-01-09 14:05:48 UTC