🚨BOOK REVIEW🚨 👱🏻‍♀️The Holiday Swap👩🏼 4/5 stars Cass and Charlie Goodwin used to swap places all the time as kids and the twins never, ever get caught. Now in their late 20s, both are craving a “new life” and when Charlie has an accident at work, she needs some space from her life in LA. When Charlie convinces Cass to switch places with her, Charlie finds herself running the family bakery in her hometown while Cass is hosting a national baking television show in LA. This book was so much fun! Both Cass and Charlie were loveable characters and I enjoyed reading through both POVs. There was plenty of character development which I find “cutesy rom coms” usually lack, so I was pleasantly surprised. Full disclosure, if you’re not into cute holiday romances then don’t pick this up. You have to be a fan to enjoy this one (and thank goodness I am one). If you love all things Hallmark, then go ahead and pick this one up before the holidays are over!

Posted by thelatestbook at 2021-12-29 16:58:19 UTC