Today's #FridayKiss word is SWEATER and I have apparently never used that word in a manuscript. Anyway... Airplane meet cute, anyone? Look, James just wanted to get on the plane and read his book, he didn't want to worry about the woman sitting next to him who looked like she was one bad bit of turbulence away from completely losing her cool. But, here they are. All Amanda wanted to do anywhere but on that plane and somehow she ended up next to a romance reading, baseball loving, joke cracking Hutchinson brother who made her laugh despite herself and stuck with her until they reached their destination. Mid-air stockholm syndrome? Maybe. Or, a genuine connection under strange circumstances, that become even stranger when the past comes calling. I seriously cannot wait for you all to read The Fastball! Coming March 31st! Available now for pre-order! And if you haven't read the rest of the Wild Pitches series....maybe wait a week....πŸ‘€

Posted by AuthorMeganCousins at 2022-11-18 14:07:50 UTC