Is there such a thing as Christmas magic? In Caitlin McKenna’s new book, Colorado Christmas Magic, a skeptical blogger is sent to St. Nicholas, Colorado, to debunk the Scrooge Legend which claims any Scrooge who enters the town will end up loving Christmas as much as Santa. Her high school sweetheart is also in town investigating the people behind the Scrooge Legend. As they work together to prove that Christmas magic doesn’t exist, magic begins to happen between the two of them, which leads them to believe that the Scrooge Legend is real—for it brings love, joy, comfort, and the true meaning of Christmas to all. 📚 Pick up your copy today! LUV spoke with Caitlin and she told us a few of her holiday faves: Movie: It’s a Wonderful life 💫 Tradition: Baking and decorating holiday cookies 🍪 Book: A Little Christmas Spirit by Sheila Roberts 👐 #QOTD - Do you know a Scrooge?

Posted by LUV Team at 2021-12-19 15:00:24 UTC