Part #3 of our chat with network executive, Nataline Rodrigues. LUV: You worked with Brain Power Studio on the drama “The Wedding Planners.” Can you tell us about this experience? Nataline: Ratings have also helped me to track which genres are the most popular with viewers and encouraged me to try new things like the dramatic tv series, “The Wedding Planners.” Recognizing the loyal following of viewers who love rom coms, as well as those who love reality, lifestyle and makeover tv, allowed me to work with the creative team at Brain Power Studios to meld the best of both worlds of unscripted and scripted tv. In the tv series “The Wedding Planners,” we were able to produce a serialised family drama around a wedding planning business that featured a new wedding and romance every episode. Every week viewers witnessed the transformational thrill of a bridal and wedding reveal, all while enjoying the ongoing heartfelt family drama of the core family planning the wedding, within a satisfying romcom structure.

Posted by LUV Team at 2022-10-26 15:00:54 UTC