Part #2 of our chat with network executive, Nataline Rodrigues. LUV: How do ratings and streaming metrics affect programming decisions? Nataline: Audience metrics help with programming decisions providing insights on how many people are watching, who is watching and when. Armed with this valuable consumption and demo data, we can determine what the market can bear in terms of how many movies to buy, as well as scheduling decisions that help determine when best to air and repeat movies. These metrics also provide insights on which movies perform best, which storylines and story worlds are most popular, as well as which cast members perform best for the audience. We can even assess when viewers are tuning out or changing the channel. Ratings and social media have helped with casting decisions revealing who are the most admired leads and which supporting cast may be ready to take on a leading role. Great romance movies have a high repeat factor and become evergreen, especially when the characters are relatable, loveable, with a romance journey full of memorable highs and lows.

Posted by LUV Team at 2022-10-25 19:00:21 UTC