Part #3 of our chat with the Whoa!mance podcasters LUV: Can you share a memorable guest or episode that stays with you? Morgan: I remember we had this recording marathon because we didn’t really know what we were doing. We were talking about Gaywyck by Vincent Verga, Hot Heads by Damon Suede and Love and Other Scandals by Caroline Linden. And just being delirious and feeling exhausted from talking and then it just kind of clicked into place, like the whole show. I think talking about all of those books together made some kind of spark. LUV: What is your podcasting schedule like? Are you a full time podcaster or do you have a second profession? How do you select your topics and guests? Is there a guest you would love to have? Morgan: We both have day jobs. We record once a week or every two weeks and alternate editing so we can put something out weekly without getting too burnt out. Isabeau: A favorite guest? Great question–I think Andrea from Shelf Love is an incredible guest. She knows a ton about the genre and is interested in the same kinds of questions we are. In terms of topic selection they really arise from the books themselves. We read everything with the intent of liking it–and we will sometimes do themes (spooky books for spooky season) but generally it’s like–what rung your bell in this one? What did it bring up for you? And we start there.

Posted by LUV Team at 2022-10-12 15:00:20 UTC