Part #4 of our chat with @Jade Lee - Kathy Lyons LUV: Tell us something most fans don’t know about you. Kathy/Jade: How about two things? When I was younger, I played competitive racquetball. I was nationally ranked and even played in a pro tournament. Then I blew my knees. In truth, they were on the edge for a while, but they finally quit right in the middle of a match. I was left to think about surgery or giving up the pro-athlete life. I chose to give it up not because I wanted to but because there wasn’t a surgery that would help very much. Sniff. Old knees are old knees and there’s a limit to what medical science can do. At least it helped me write my sports romances. (The Locker Room Dairies by Kathy Lyons) The second thing is that before I started playing racquetball, I got an MFA (Masters of Fine Arts) from USC. I specialized in Screenwriting and planned to write fantasy romances before such a genre existed. Then family called me back to Illinois, and that was the end of my Hollywood career. Instead, I wrote novels with an eye to big cinematic moments. Seventy books later, I still think about adapting my books to film.

Posted by LUV Team at 2022-08-11 15:00:24 UTC