Part #3 of our chat with @Jade Lee - Kathy Lyons LUV: Tell us about your newest book. Is there a particular inspiration? Kathy/Jade: Almost a Scot by Jade Lee is the third in the Always a Scot series. The entire series started when I wondered why we didn’t have that many Scots in Regency romances. Well, of course, I know that most Scottish historicals are set 50+ years before the regency, but I’m a rebel. I wanted to bring all that Scottish swagger into my regency comedy of manners. I like the image of a smart Scot turning the ton (and the heroine) around and around until everyone falls in love with him. Plus, it’ll take a strong woman to match the man’s bravado, right? Even best him at his own game? That was the inspiration behind the whole series, and Almost a Scot is the third book. (Though all my books can be read out of order. They’re standalone). In the first two books (Lady Scot and Lord Scot) we have hot Scottish men taking the ton by storm. But in book 3, my Scottish heroine needs someone strong to help her fight her evil uncle. Reuben Bates is English through and through, but he’s bolder than any Scot she knows and smarter, too. Their courtship is a wild, adventurous ride!

Posted by LUV Team at 2022-08-10 19:00:46 UTC